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drawn by poor Savile Morton
drawn by poor Savile Morton (Photo credit: Kalense Kid)

When Shallow Waters Run Deep;
And Deep Waters Run Shallow-
Just Swim,
Or Throw a Pebble, And Watch the Ripple

Yesterday Just Told Me;
That Tomorrow Ain't Happening-
So Live Today, "Cos That's All "You're Gonna Get!"

Everything That Is Yours,
Is Really Everybody's Too,
The Only Thing We Can Ever Own Is Owner-less,
Like the Song Says-
The Best Things in Life Are Free,
Depending On Various Degree,
And Ultimately-
Your Perception;
And Knowing Momentary Lapses And Reviewing Views

This Rented Skin Begins to Dry And Shed,
This Borrowed Bones Begins to Age And Brittle,
The Hair Thins,
The Eyes Socket,
The Bowels loosen,
The Mind Stills,
The Heart Stops;
And Yet We Live-
And Are Still Alive!
Till Death Beckons, And Life Begins Anew With Rebirths-
Now Is The Best Time of Your Life

You've No Idea,
Of the Simple Things i Cannot Do;
But It Will Baffle Ye,
Of The Complex Things i Can Do

i Stopped Reading;
The Flavored Books i'd Devoured Back In the Days of Dharma Still Haven't Digested,
They Still Regurgitate-
Questioning My Bowels,
And Their Movements-
As If i'd Understood Any of It.
Now There's Nothing Left to Read,
Just the Reviews-
And Injected Occasional Previews-
Of What i Do Not Need to Read

Perfect Bliss.
Perfect Bliss. (Photo credit: Beni Ishaque Luthor)

Got Up;
Smoked In a Lungfulla Nicotine,
Now The Caffeine Beckons-
As Does Another Day of Boredom in the Kingdom;
If Only Someone Blew a Saxophone Around The Clock Tower-
This Mundane Normality Would Glaze,
As Would The Doughnut I'm Planning To Eat,
Along With That Expressive Espresso
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Now The Sun Warms My Mammalian Skin;
Even Tho' The Feeling Is Reptilian-
Say When Did We Become Warm-Blooded?

Battling The Cold Thimphu Chill;
I'm Beginning To Admire Mr Eskimo-
And The Smiling Innuit

View of Thimphu, Capital of Bhutan.
View of Thimphu, Capital of Bhutan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writhing Words;
Snaky Images-
Like a Dead Dried Ink,
Who Went Jumped Into a Well-
i Asked "You OK?"
"Swell" The Pen Said... "I Feel Like a Fountain on a Mountain"-
That Said;
I Went to Bed...
Found The Blankets Had Migrated-
To Compromising Pillows, And Handsome Mattresses...

You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd
You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Teasing Koan;
That Peeping Haiku,
Here Comes a Poem, Aided By a Sonnet-
All Screaming...
Me! Me! Me!

I Just Explode,
Beginnin' With The Implode-
Volcanic Eruptions-
Juicy Lava Glides,
That'll Warm Your Heart-
Or Melt Your Limbs... Wherein You Might Even Get Murderious Intent-
Today's Not That Day

Gettin' It Together
Gettin' It Together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because Deep Inside,
We Are All Jesters Who Love TO Go 'Yallama!'
Or 'FvcK' Dependin' On Your Lingo

The Lugar Cinema Hall, Nordzin Lam, Thimphu
The Lugar Cinema Hall, Nordzin Lam, Thimphu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your Insanity Is Directly Proportional To Your Sanity;
Now Go Ahead;
Be a Man...
Do The Gut Thing!

The Hungry Stomach Growls;
The Lonesome Bed Beckons,
The Mind Monkeys-
The Thimphu Winter Chill Threatens And Bites;
Do Not Be Angry;
If You See Me Abandoning Colorful Kites,
You See;
Even The Busy Bees-
Have All Left The Hives For Warmer Climes-
And Merry Chimes

To Enjoy a Joke;
Dart Off a Poke-
Unburdens The Invisible Yoke

You See;
We Are All Mirrors-
Reflecting Ourselves;
In Each Other... And The Universe

Thing vs. Swamp Thing (284/365)
Thing vs. Swamp Thing (284/365) (Photo credit: JD Hancock)

i Do Not Seek Perfect Bliss;
Nor a Salubrious Kiss-
Or Search for Things i Miss;
Instead I'm Gonna Dwell-
On War And Peace;
And In-Between;
Perhaps Enjoy The Passing Breeze

Another Day Passes;
As Must All Things-
Beautifully Momentary;
And Forever Ephemeral...

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me an...
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (Photo credit: ShuttrKing|KT)

Tho' I'm Gettin' Over You;
I Keep Lovin' You-
Renew-ably, Suitably Sustainable...
Hopin' For Reciprocity- Expectin' Nothin'-
Prayin' For Eternity; This Expressive-Emotion Called Love...
And Its Sweet-Nothings

i Was Gonna Write;
Something About Everything-
'Till i Found Nothing

lovin' my ford
lovin' my ford (Photo credit: Illetirres)

I'm a Mess;
a Dirty Disgrace-
When the Weather's This Cold-
Who Wants to be Bold?

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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