Saturday, June 4, 2011

Logos Submitted to Human Rights

Human Rights Logo
1. Celebration
2. The flight of freedom
3. Breaking the chains
4. One planet, one home
5. Stand up for your rights
6. The dove of peace and purity
7. The dance of freedom
8. Awakening humanity

All the logos depicted here were conceptualized keeping in mind what is most basic and fundamental to a human being; irrespective of creed, color or faith. Irrespective of the system of governance they live under; irrespective of the physical geography of their countries.
There is one earth – and its home to all of us, including sentient beings.

The fundamentals are:
• The right to live freely; without fear
• The right to earn a livelihood; with dignity
• The right to speak your mind; where injustice occurs
• The right to live in peace and dignity; where there are intentions to debar such an atmosphere
• The right to live and to be treated respectfully
• The right to be treated with the benefit of the doubt
• The right to contemplate
• The right to information
• The right to worship

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