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The logo presented has been conceptualized based on the write-up provided. Taking it from there, we arrived at the conclusion that the LOGO has to project a distinctive identity so that the logo itself becomes a symbolism for factors such as eco-friendliness, the sense of the usage of resources that is renewable and the fundamental connection and understanding of the fact that the ENVIRONMENT and everything that grows in it or lives it does so in a harmonious circle of life that is interdependent.

To project that image, the LOGOS was conceptualized and then designed to reflect that connectedness and being in sync with the natural order of life; yet bearing in mind its primary purpose – to BRAND it in such a way that in time the LOGO itself should become synonymous with everything that is clean and green. The two topics are also closely bonded; in fact, they are mirror reflections of each other. What is natural will always stay organic and what is organic will always comes across as natural. And that reality and beauty of naturalness is what we focused on. The TWO LOGOS are twins that convey all of these messages but without losing its identity. The opposite is the goal – Bhutan Natural enhances Bhutan Organic and vice versa.
To depict that, we focused on the letters B & N in the first instance and the letters B & O for the second category. The emphasis here has been to create the natural and organic order of all things animate and inanimate. Hence the usage of the letters B & O and B & N has been done to convey a circular cycle perpetually in motion. To achieve that effect, we played with, in a manner of speaking, the CIRCLE of LIFE.



(1) The first LOGO plays that out in its entirety with the focal fulcrum being the letters B & O - which is done in an abstract way that actually forms a circular motion in the way the letters have been shaped. For symbolism and to maximize the ORGANIC/NATURAL theme, we chose the local fungi CORDYCEPS SINESIS; a symbol of aphrodisiac, rarity, endangerment, and its UNIQUENESS as both PLANT and INSECT – if forests are generally green just as an ocean brings to mind the color BLUE, then inhabitants that live in them are fundamentally diverse, mysterious, natural, invoking an ORGANIC IMAGERY.
Ideally, a LOGO should come in as SIMPLE a manner as possible; akin to something like the three black stripes of brands such as ADIDAS that conveys and identifies ADIDAS with the stripes no matter how they are projected: whether horizontal or vertical, the objective of recognizing the ICON/SYMBOL with the PRODUCT is achieved. And keeping in mind reproductions of merchandize such as mugs, t-shirts, letterheads, envelopes, pin badges and other such souvenirs and memorabilia, the STRESS has been on the primary letters B & O & B & N.

(2) LOGO number 2 is hence the distilled and refined version of LOGO number 1. Both LOGOS can be used with the primary purpose of achieving recognition; through the two letters depicted in a square box and without the square box. The colors are three different shades of GREEN, with an optional three depicting the NATIONAL COLORS Yellow and Orange.
The choice of colors is pretty self-explanatory – we equate anything natural or organic with the color GREEN for that is the ECOSYSTEM. The beauty here is that the LOGO, as BHUTAN ORGANIC, comes through in one WHOLESOME image. This is then the IMAGE that will naturally generate association with BHUTAN ORGANIC without having to spell out all the letters. In terms of PACKAGING and MERCHANDIZING, its SIMPLICITY then becomes its STRENGTH; fulfilling the goal of both BRANDING and creating an IDENTITY automatically associated with BHUTAN ORGANIC. Like NIKE’s revered-inverted “SWOOSH” or the three “ADIDAS” stripes, it’s easily recognizable.


(3) LOGO number 3 depicts and reflects LOGO number 1, complementing each other. The explanation here is no different from the above. The idea being the creation of an IDENTITY that is distinct, recognizable, symbolic and designed to create a BRAND associated with eco-friendly-renewable products. The symbolism in use here is a PLANT and a LEAF that forms the PRIMARY LOGO with a HERON forming the letter “L”.
(4) In LOGO number 4, as in previous three logos, the idea is to create the “STAND-OUT” LOGO - depicted in different shades of GREEN and also in ORANGE (Depicting both Spiritualism and the Kingdom’s colors) and WHITE.


*Artist Suraj Limbu
**Concept & Write Up Jurmi Chhowing

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